Seize the hidden opportunity of today’s online market. Join the retail revolution happening in the world of jewelry and gemstones.

~ Don’t get left behind! ~

We facilitate you in creating

INCREDIBLE Virtual Parties

with your clients.


~ Virtual Gem Parties ~

from Small-Scale sales assistance to Large-Scale virtual events.

ENJOY – As gemologists GUIDE and PROVIDE gems and gem expertise for you and your client(s).

ACCESS – Vast treasures within our vault, LIVE, during your sales process.

RECEIVE – top-notch sales assistance to REMOTELY seal the deal.


  • COST ~ FREE / There is no minimum purchase required.
  • TRAINING ~ FREE / We work with you on every step of the way.
  • GRAPHICS ~ FREE / We provide customizable social media and web graphics
  • FUN ~ GUARANTEED / Gem hunting videos and an unforgettable experience.

It’s a party! We provide a high-resolution turn table stocked with top-notch gems, our incredible gem hunting videos hosted by our very own David Artinian, and so much fun that you won’t want it to end!

PLUS, they’re more SUCCESSFUL than the in-store events!

Message from David

This is one of the most transformative additions we’ve ever made to our business model.

Retailers and their clients love the fun and convenience of Virtual Private Events.

Stores are cutting expenses and selling more gems than they ever dreamed possible.

Purchases are ranging between a few thousand to over 100K, in one single setting.

This virtual model has proven to be a major benefit for all who experience it.

~ David Artinian

Some Of The Retailers Who Conduct Virtual Events With Us


We Offer Both Group Parties As Well As Individual One-On-One Showings

Step 1

Set up a place in your store (or home)...

Set up a place where you have a desk and a computer with speakers, adequate lighting and a camera. Make it spacious and inviting. This could be a custom design center at your store, an inviting spot in your home or anywhere that’s private.

Step 2

Find Clients....

Find clients who are looking for specific gemstones, or who just love to look at gems in general. Contact us and give us as much information about your clients as possible.
This would include; gem types that they are looking for, sizes, shapes and price ranges. This will allow me to quote them accurately. In the case of group meetings, you will want to invite them to a fun and interactive group gem party. (See us for details)

Step 3

Set a party date, or an appointment date...

Call us for an impromptu showing, or carefully plan a private or group gem party for your clients. The client can join in from home or from your private design center in your store. They will just need to have a computer or a tablet with speakers and a camera.

Step 4

Click on the link to the Zoom...

On the day of our party or appointment, click on the link to the Zoom meeting, that you received by email. The link will have a zoom meeting ID. Enter the ID. We are ready to go.

Step 5

Work together to present...

We will work together to present the gems. We will show them the gems, give them valuable information and tell them gem hunting stories, that will guide them in the process of securing their gems. It is here that the magic takes place. We immerse them in the experience and the compelling story of where the gems are from. 

Step 6

Relax, our gems are on the way...
We will then ship their gem selection along with your invoice, to your store for final approval and payment.


If you are a registered event client, and are ready to book and get started, then follow this link to the next step.

If you have not yet registered then please register for your private access to our events section. As always reach out to us if you encounter any difficulty and we will walk you through the simple process.  


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