Virtual Gemstone and Design Appointments

Artinian Gems House Studio

The most valuable innovations that we have developed during this lockdown is the creation of our in-house studio, to conduct fun and interactive LIVE gemstone meetings.

Live gemstone meetings will help to overcome the limitations placed on our businesses during the lockdown.

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Step 1 – Set up a place in your store where you have a desk and a computer with speakers and a camera. Make it spacious and inviting. This could be a custom design center or anywhere else that is somewhat private.

Step 2Contact us and give us as much information about your client as possible (no matter if they look for one specific gemstone, or just love to look at gems in general). This could include; gem types that they are looking for, sizes, shapes, price ranges and your idea about the mark up. This will allow me to quote them prices. (Our gems are automatically set at keystone).

Step 3Set a date/time for us all to meet together to look at gems. Your client can go to your store, or we can link them in from their home. They will just need to have a computer with speakers and a camera. I will email you the Zoom meeting invitation.

Step 4Artinian Gems store will ship their gem selection along with invoice to your store for the final approval and payment.

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For more information watch the video below.

Virtual Gemstone and Design Appointments - Youtube VideoClick Here To Watch Video


That’s not all…

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