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AQUAMARINE – Pastel Boldness

Pastel Boldness - A gem with understated beauty and softness. The accommodating grace of the pastel gives a perfect opportunity for boldness...

AQUA & MORGANITE – Seaside Sunset

We’re calling this piece Seaside Sunset. A vibrant trillion aquamarine, a delicate pink morganite, and a starry white sapphire crown.

SAPPHIRE & RUBY – Crystal Fire

Crystal Fire - a Stunning Yellow Sapphire & an Intense Twin Ruby Pair - We’re calling this piece Crystal Fire. A vibrant...

SPINEL & TOURMALINE – Twilight Allure

We’re calling this piece Twilight Allure-- featuring a dramatic grey spinel proudly as the centerpiece. The morganite half moons add a level...

SPINEL – Storm Rose

We’re calling this piece Storm Rose-- a perfect combination of a dark stormy cloud but also the beautiful pink and purple colors...

OPAL – Pink Moon

We’re calling this piece Pink Moon -- The grand center opal radiates a undeniable majesty. Surrounded by a ballet of pink sapphires,...

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