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Each piece is carefully examined and then fashioned to the highest standard by our artisan gemstone cutters. Gems from deep within the Earth, to our gemstone cutting family, and, at last, to you.

Artinian Gems

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Every gemstone has a story. All Artinian gems have been chosen for their superb physical qualities, and for the qualities of their history. Not only do we select the finest from the mines but we select the finest mines to work with. We work with real people around the world delivering a positive impact on all who handle our gems.

Continue reading to learn how our gemstones begin their journey and discover the process of how they travel from hands in mining areas to the highly skilled hands of our cutting family and into yours. 

The Story

Our History & Mission

Based in San Diego, California

While our US office is located in San Diego, we have a secondary branch in Eastern Thailand where our world class team of gemstone artists turn each gem into a work of art.

Sourced Globally

I travel all over the world, often to remote areas in search of the finest gemstone rough. Some of our most essential buying locations are Sri Lanka for Sapphire, Nigeria for tourmaline and aquamarine, and Burma for ruby and spinel.

Expertly Cut

After being carefully selected, our gems are brought back to our cutting team. It's then that the Artinian magic starts. Gem cutting takes precision, skill, and time, yet it is worth the wait.

Finally after cutting, the finished gems are brought to the our US-based office where they are again carefully prepared for sale.

Two Generations On The Gem Hunt

My father was an adventurer, who traveled the world on the hunt for the finest gems.

From a young age, I wanted to be a gem hunter too, but had no idea how to make it happen. What I did have was a love for exploring cultures, and a fascination with sparkling gemstones.

I had always dreamed of collecting sapphires and was captivated by the idea of collecting all of the unique colors of sapphire. What started as a love of adventure, culture, and sparkling gems eventually formed into Artinian Gems.

Our mission at Artinian Gems

Gemstones are among God’s rarest and most exquisite creations. They, by their very crystalline nature, are intrinsically beautiful. We believe that each and every gemstone should be carefully and skillfully, cut and fashioned, to bring out its greatest internal beauty.

Further, physical beauty alone doesn't make a beautiful piece; Beauty is also found in impact. The process of ‘mine’ to ‘market’, should be marked by the same beauty and should reflect a flow that adds value to each person who touches it.

The gemstone miners, the cutters, the jewelry artisans along with, you, the wearer, should share the benefits of added value, opportunity, and fair-trade.

The Gem Hunt

Into The Jungle

I am often asked why I choose to go to remote places and seek out gems from miners or remote cutting centers in their countries of origin. The conditions can be harsh plus it can be downright dangerous. Apart from my love of culture and adventure, there are at least two practical reasons.

The first one is quite simple. Often the finest and most interesting gems never reach the larger more centralized markets in Asia or the US. So, by buying so close to the mining sites, I’m given the chance at first pick.

The second reason is that I am responsible to see, first-hand, the lives and conditions of the miners. We really care about every step in the process and transparency in the supply chain. In visiting the mining sites, I can observe the working conditions to make sure that they are up to fair-trade standards.

As part of our quality assurance standard. We want you the owner to be able to confidently wear their gemstone, knowing that at each step of the way, all the hands benefited from encountering these beautiful gems.

Gem Cutting

Gem Artists At Work

Gem cutting is true artistry. Forming a bright and gorgeous gemstone from the rough, takes tremendous skill and patience. In order to bring out the most sparkle, the gem rough must be carefully selected, oriented for color and clarity and then faceted. Watch the video to see the process in motion. Our master cutter Kag, has been faceting gems for over 30 years and he is a true master of his craft. 


Giving Back

Artinian Gems goes beyond gems

Early on in my travels, I was deeply affected by the poverty and lack of possibility that I saw amongst many in the world. I would get on a plane here in the US a land of tremendous opportunity for personal and financial prosperity.

Then at the other end of my journey, I would arrive in a country where the basic income might be less than $5.00 per day and where the disparity between the rich and poor is staggering.

It was at that point that I became determined that I would do what I could to ensure that our gem purchases actually did the most possible good. To really understand what their needs were, this involved actively getting involved in the communities.

Thus, we started searching for partner organizations that were making the biggest difference. We found and began supporting an orphanage in Thailand where most of the children were HIV positive. We also partnered with the Charis Project, a groundbreaking organization that works with Thai and Burmese nationals to develop and heal families. As a result, we take a minimum of 10% of our net profits to support organizations like these. It is in this way we fulfill our mission of honoring the only thing that is truly priceless, people.

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