When sourcing gems for clients, fair trade is one of our chief concerns. And in no small part many customers concerns as well.

Recently I’ve been doing a deep dive into the history and current climate of gemstone fair-trade. True guilt-free trade becomes more pervasive and possible each year. However, to quote from fair-trade activist Greg Valerio “Gemstones really are the Wild West aspect of the jewelry supply chain.” 

Each mine is a mini-frontier reaching into the depths of the Earth, and with this, each nation approaches their frontiers differently. All of the places we source our gems are dynamically unique. I’m not just speaking about unique minerals and gems, but it goes into mining techniques all the way to the socio-political situation as well.

All of these factors interplay with the actual human beings reaching, drilling, and tunneling, and this interplay is what makes fair-trade, or not. 

Because ensuring a positive impact on the world is so important to us. I visit the Sri Lankan rice-paddy mines, the mountainside mines of Myanmar, and the desert tunnels of Tanzania on my gem hunting trips, these places hold incredible treasures and each has its own story (if you’d like to see more visit my Youtube channel). Seeing these mines firsthand allows me to identify that the gems that I source are a vital part of local communities.

Not only that but visiting mines enables me to viscerally grasp the story and the life of the gems. Sharing the stories of gems is a long-held tradition in the jewelry business as it helps build that bond that the buyers are after.

The ultimate owner of a gem should feel inspired by the history of my gems, from first being held by a miner, to being brought to the light of day, to receiving a superb cut, to being set in jewelry, and to finally being purchased as a gift or collector’s piece. Essentially, fair-trade is part of the beginning of my gems story, but it’s not complete until it’s found it’s home. 

This week we’re featuring color-change Sapphire,

Since I’ve chosen to feature color-change sapphire this week, I’ve written a background piece on the stone and included, below in this article, three very fine, color-change sapphire for you to enjoy.

If you’re in a gem-hunting mood you’re welcome to jump over to our website and see a few examples of what we have in stock, simply follow the link below.


Here are the essentials on this unusually rare gem: Color-change sapphire. They come in a few different colors and many different shapes. With a 9 on the mos hardness scale, they’re precious and durable. Color-change sapphire is ordinarily blue in sunlight and purple beneath incandescent light. Yet, they aren’t limited to those two colors, they may also be greenish under indoor light and pink in daylight. Furthermore, these gems are generally faceted to highlight their color shift, yet they’re also very versatile and can be cut in a variety of shapes. 

Today, we’re featuring two color-change sapphire from Sri Lanka and one from Madagascar. While Sri Lanka is one of the world’s oldest gem mining nations, Madagascar is among the newest. Both of these incredible nations are host to some of the most extraordinary color-change sapphires. 

Only within the last 30 years have sapphire been unearthed in Madagascar. However, this discovery has had an enormous impact, not only in creating mining-boomtowns within Madagascar but also on the international sapphire market. Only after a few years of development this island nation has been producing some of the highest quality sapphires to hit the market in generations. 

Sri Lanka, on the other hand, has a 2000 year history of steadily unearthing Sapphire of many colors and, of course, including color-change sapphire. Our sapphires come from Ratnapura which is roughly 100kms from the capital of Colombo. 

As each of these treasures is truly unique creation, selecting the right piece comes down to seeing it’s color-change characteristic in motion. 

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Featured color-change sapphire:

This week I’m featuring three uncommon color-change sapphires.

I selected these because of their unbelievable beauty and sparkle.

Scroll down. Have a look at what I’ve selected for you.

Sapphire color-change:


8.2×7.1×5.6mm, Oval, Sku: 5621

Color change sapphires as clean and bright as this one are very rare, especially when they re cut so perfectly.

Sapphire color-change:


6.8×5.6x5mm, Oval, Sku: 5404

This fine quality color change sapphire displays a lovely color change. In natural light is sparkles a rich violetish blue and under incandescent light a vivid purple blue. It is perfect for an exotic center stone in any ring or pendant.

Sapphire color-change:


5.5×3.5mm, Round, Sku: 11034

Beautiful color change gem turns from vivid pink to reddish purple.

If one of the above doesn’t quite fit, but strikes your imagination, then follow the link with and go on your own gem hunt through the online inventory.

Any questions, just email me back or call 858-679-7633.

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