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July is here and so is the month of ruby. So to celebrate, I’ll be starting this week’s blog with an incredible ruby story from the mysterious land of Mogok in Myanmar. 

Many gems have incredible and ancient stories. So, I’m going to tell you a story about the very first rubies that were ever found in Mogok, Myanmar. I heard this story from the locals, on my first trip to the region.

It begins around 1,500 years ago, in the humid and warm land of South-Eastern Asia. There were 3 Pyu city-state hunters, they’d come over from the Eastern part of Myanmar. They are looking for wild game.

They used bivouac shelters to make a mountainside camp before the sunset. This night was unlike any before, because sometime in the middle of the night they were jolted out of their sleep by a thunderous shaking of the mountain. In the morning they realized there had been an enormous landslide. 

As they peered upward in the morning light, they could see what appeared to be red streaks coming down the hillside. What was it?

Was this the blood of dead animals? Were there carcasses and dead meat? As they climbed up to explore, they didn’t find any dead animals. Instead, they found red glowing rocks. They were absolutely awestruck. What could these red rocks be? Instinctively they knew that this was something of great value.

They took them back to their village and had them analyzed by the local elders where it was confirmed that their discovery was one of great significance. 

So, from that time on, people began to come from far and wide to the remote and mountainous region of Mogok, Myanmar to hunt for these beautiful red gems that turned out to be ruby.


Since I’ve chosen to feature Ruby this week, below in this letter are three very fine, Ruby for you to enjoy. Or if you would just like to proceed to our website and see a few examples of what we have in stock, then simply follow the link below.


Among colored stones, the most costly per-carat is the ruby.

Like sapphire, ruby is a variety of corundum, though unlike the more common assortment of sapphires, they are exceedingly rare. Sapphire comes in a range of colors encompassing lush greens, brilliant yellows, and majestic blues, while rubies are always red. Trace elements of chromium cause ruby to display incredible reds, from neon-esque vermillion to deep carmine.

Besides Myanmar, this incredible red gem is also found in marble deposits in the Himalayas and Northern Vietnam. Vitally important to the colored stone market gem hunters travel from far and wide to source these rubies.

As with all colored stones, a ruby’s color plays a primary role in determining it’s value. The most valued colors are vibrant reds and may possess hints of purple. Clarity is also an essential factor to be considered, transparency and brilliance may significantly alter an appraisal. Rubies come in all cuts and the most valued cuts have step-cut pavilions and brilliant-cut crowns. Finally, in determining the worth of this stone is the carat weight, stones which exceed the weight of a single carat are very unique and thus are highly valued.

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Featured Ruby:

This week I’m featuring three beautiful Ruby. First, there’s a fine round ruby. Second, a spectacular oval ruby. Third, a gorgeous rectangular cushion cut ruby.

Check out the three examples below. I selected these because of their incredible radiance and impeccable color.

Scroll down. Have a look at what I’ve selected for you.


1.01ct, 5.8×3.5mm, round

SKU: 17984

This gorgeous round ruby is perfect for a custom ring or pendant, It’s a truly rare and unique gem, well suited for classic yellow gold; this ruby is unforgettable.


1.01ct, 6.9×5.5×3.7mm, Oval,

SKU: 16960

With stunning luster, this 1 carat ruby is undeniable in its brilliance and color. This Burmese ruby gem is perfect to take center stage in any collection or for a truly special July birthday gift.


1.02ct, 5.3x5x3.6mm, cushion-rectangular

SKU: 16850

This fine ruby is a one-of-a-kind. It is from Burma and was faceted into an incredible work of art by our in-house expert gem cutters. 

If one of the above doesn’t quite fit, but strikes your imagination, then follow the link with and go on your own gem hunt through the online inventory.

Any questions, just email me back or call 858-679-7633.

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