It’s David here. If you are like me, lock-down means that business as usual has come to halt. Yet, there are two sides to this coin. There’s the scary, uncertain side, fed by the endless news, and there is also another side. This other side
A Fine Sri Lankan Cushion Sapphire
Diamonds are for April, right? We all know this because our modern list of birthstones was originally formulated at the National Association of Jewelers, in Kansas City, in August of 1912. Apart from a few additions, our current list of birthstones has been the same
Sri Lankan Ruby 1.09ct, Round. Fine quality.

Ruby – The King of Gems

Ruby – July’s birthstone, is one of the most ancient and rare gemstones. In Sanskrit, ruby is ratnaraj, meaning the king of gems. Ruby is associated with affection, passion, power and enthusiasm. In ancient cultures such as Indian, Latin and Greek, Ruby was sacred and
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