Nigerian Gem Hunt, Jos City (Part 3)

Over those mountains lays the city of Jos

Gateway to Jos, Plateau State

The highest point by road in Nigeria

Military Checkpoint

(continued from part 2)

Finally, after several more hours of driving along desolate roads, punctuated about every 2 miles by various military, police and other law enforcement checkpoints, we arrived in Jos and found a hotel. My room was a large upstairs space with a nice view of the courtyard below. I asked about mosquito nets, to which they informed me that there was no need to worry because there was not a mosquito problem in Jos. Ok, fine that’s a relief I thought, because I have heard so much about malaria in Nigeria. Little did I know what evil was lurking in the darkened corners of my room, just waiting for the lights to go out! The next morning, I was awakened by a burning, itching feeling up and down my arms.  Bug bites. Oh well must be bed bugs.

Fine Tourmaline Purchase

After Long Negotiations Finally A Win-Win!

Jos, Nigeria Farmers Market

Buying Spices at the Farmers Market

This day proved more profitable. We went to town, saw a number of parcels of Tourmaline, Aquamarines, Morganites and Sapphires and then retreated to our hotel. We invited the sellers to bring the gems to my room for closer inspection and final negotiations. It was here that I bought my first major parcel that contained about 100 grams of fine and rare Tourmalines. After a resting on the following day, we planned to leave and head for Kaduna. On the way we would be stopping by a Sapphire mine that had recently begun producing some fine materials. So early Monday morning we headed out. It was a bright sunny day and filled with promise. After a couple of hours driving along a fairly smooth road, and a quick stop by a farmers market, we arrived at the village near the mine. (continued in part 4)


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