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This weeks message is in two parts.

Part 1 Sales Training – So what is news jacking and how can we use it to sell?

Part 2 Gemstone Training – Let’s look at some beautiful mint colored gems.

Both videos are YouTube links and can be used and shared as you see fit. Please bring this training to your sales meetings and use it to equip your staff. Also, share the gemstone video with your staff as well as your clients. It will broaden their gemstone knowledge and hopefully excite them to purchase gems from you.

Watch the videos below and think about who you know amongst your clients who might appreciate a real, live zoom demonstration of these or any other interesting gemstones.

Once you have made a list of clients, reach out to us and let’s discuss how to present to them.

There are several ways that you can do this.

Use the scheduling app to book a private or group showing, Schedule HERE


Contact us by phone 858-679-7633 and we can do an impromptu showing for your clients.

Our office hours are 8A-5P M-F Pacific time. We are also have expanded hours, but you will need to contact us to schedule.

News Jacking - What is it?

One of the most powerful sales tools involves trend following. Trend followers are people who identify what is popular and simply ride the wave to success. Trends in jewelry follow seasons, or are often started by celebrities or the fashion industry. Watch the video below and put the mint green trend to work for you. At the end of this video ask yourself, Who do I know amongst my clients, who might appreciate the opportunity to see some gorgeous mint gems? Then reach out to us and lets book a live gem viewing session for them. It’s free and your clients will love you for it.

Mint Green Gems

One of the most beautiful gems found in nature are the mint green varieties. Watch the video below and feast your eyes on, toumalines, emeralds and garnets. Then share this video with any of your clients that you think might appreciate the extra care. Send them the YouTube link in a text or email it to them. They will love you for it. 

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