Massive Flooding Hits Sri Lankan Gem Center

Pray For Sri Lanka

– Ratnapura Tragic Flooding Hits

Ratnapura, Sri Lanka is a picturesque, yet bustling town in the heart of the gem bearing area of southern central Sri Lanka. I have been visiting this area for well over 15 years, buying Sapphires and other gems, as well as building some of the closest friendships of my life. So it was with shock that I learned this morning from one of my closest friends there that Ratnapura has been at the  center of some of the worst flooding in modern times. The downtown has become a flowing river, homes and businesses devastated, a loss of life. So what will that mean for the gem market? That remains to be seen, however it will take many months before the gem market returns to somewhat normal. Not only is Ratnapura a big center for gem mining, but it is also a large gem cutting center, where gems from Africa and other parts of the world come to for heat treatment and cutting.

Sri Lanka Death Toll Rises

The death toll continues to rise in Sri Lanka flooding as more rain is in the forecast. Meanwhile Tropical Cyclone Mora will make landfall near Chittagong, Bangladesh in the next few hours. Tom Sater has the latest:

Posted by CNN Weather on Monday, May 29, 2017

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