Gem Show Invitations

Let Artinian Gems support your success by helping you with elegant invitations!

Invitations: What are the invitations all about?

Watch this informative video to learn how to put the, Artinian Gemstone and Design Event, invitations to work for you. Some say that invitations are just a waste of time! “Fire-starters!”, they call them.

There are three kind of Graphics:

Digital Support Materials

Sample of the Facebook, E-blast and Counter-Top versions of the invitation.

Tri-Fold Invitations

An enlarged view of the sample of the tri-fold mail our invitation.

Postcard Version

An enlarged view of the sample of a postcard invitation, that can be handed out to your clients or mailed to them.

You can View them Here

Design #1 Pastel Dragonfly
Design #2 African Model
Design #3 Rough and Cut Gems
Design #4 Cambodian Zircon

There are three ways to go:

We do it for you

Order Your Tri-Folds, Postcards, Counter-Top Displays and all Digital  Invites From Us.

You do it yourself

Download and customize your graphics. Our templates are all prepared in Photoshop.

Get a 3rd party to help

For additional help we highly recommend Collected Concepts. They are a full service marketing and event strategy company.

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