I’m off to Thailand and Sri Lanka!

Finally my anticipated summer, overseas gemstone search has begun. It has been a very busy year! We conducted many gemstone and design events around the country and racked up some serious air miles. Many of our finest gems have been sold! For example our 26ct, spectacular Sphene sold in Texas.Zircon 26.36ct My 26ct rich Blue Zircon sold in Pennsylvania and a prized Ethiopian Opal sold in Alabama. When my most beautiful gem sell there is always a mixed feeling. I am thrilled for the sale and for the fact that we are putting a smile on the face of one more person, but it also comes with the slight anxiety over the fact that, now I have to try to find another one! These fine gems are RARE! The first part of my journey is from our home in San Diego to Chanthaburi Thailand, where we have our family gem cutting facility. I will go to the local gem market this weekend to see what’s there.


From AirlineYesterday I got on the plane and bounced from San Diego to Portland, to Tokyo and finally to Thailand. Flight time is about 18 hours of endless movies, occasional teeth rattling turbulence, a serious kink in the neck from sleeping in unnatural positions punctuated by low end cafeteria food, (what’s up with serving us ice cream twice). I arrived in Bangkok at about 11PM. It felt so good to be finally on land! This morning I head to our home in Chanthaburi.

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