Gem Party Follow Up

Make The Most Of Your Momentum

When is the best time to follow up with your gem show clients?

The obvious answer is, NOW!

You worked hard, you called relentlessly and built excitement for our gem party. The day arrived and inevitably there were clients who missed out. Something came up and they for whatever reason missed the show. Or worse yet, as you were looking at all of the sparkling gems in the cases, you all of a sudden thought of a client that you did not invite or one who moved out of the area and would have loved the opportunity to shop at the gem party. 

The Problem 

  • A client either is a no-show due to forgetting, or something outside of their control.
  • A client is on the cusp of purchasing but the item that they are considering is not quite perfect or they need to think for a day or two.
  • A client purchases maybe a ring or pendant piece and is interested in a matching set of earrings and we did not bring that item. (This is an upsell opportunity).

In any of these situations, the momentum has been built and we can either capitalize on your hard work or let it go and miss a potential sale.

The Solution

  • Call the client and engage with them while the gem event is still on their mind.
  • Offer to conduct a quick, private, virtual gem showing with them with Artinian Gems.
  • Make a sale

We will walk you through the process. I even have phone scripts to help you with each scenario. Follow the link below for a step by step follow up process.,you

If they purchased – watch the video and follow the steps below. 

Step 1. Send the client a thank you email or text.

Step 2. Call them to ask them how they liked the show. This is where you make the special Artinian Gems private showing offer. Download the scripts to see details.

Scripts to go with clients who purchased. Download Script Here.

Attended and didn’t buy. Watch the video and follow the steps below.

Step 1. Send them an email or text thanking them for attending. Tell them that you have an idea to share with them, but need to discuss with the gem hunter first.

Step 2. Follow up with a phone call and make the offer.

Script to go with clients who attended but did not buy. Download Script Here.

They missed the show completely.

Step 1. Send them a text telling them how much you missed them. Tell them that you have an idea and will get back with them after you talk with the gem hunter.

Step 2. Call them and make the offer. See the script for details.

Script to go with  no-shows. Download Script Here.