Looking at Rough Sapphire

Looking at Sapphire rough, under a mango tree, near the mine site in Nigeria

Visiting with the Miners

At 40' down in the Sapphire mine, it is a different world.

Sapphire Mine in Nigeria

Making new friends in the mine.

Looking at rough Tourmaline along the roadside.

Many deals are made along the road, as in the case of this bright green Tourmaline I found in rural Nigeria.

Looking at rough in Abuja, Nigeria

This was day 1, just before we left the capital city of Abuja to head out to the mining areas.

A Group of Tourmaline

An Interesting group of rough Tourmaline presented to me along the roadside, near one of the mines

Rough Aquamarine

I bought this parcel of richly saturated Nigerian, Aquamarine.

Morganite Rough

Fine Quality, Nigerian, Morganite
Fine Sea-Foam Green Tourmaline

Northern Madagascar

Buying Sapphire Rough in Madagascar.

Zircon in Cambodia

Analyzing the Rough in Cambodia

Cambodian Zircon Mine

I was presented with some rough stones deep in the mine.

Tanzanite Mine

The view at 1000 ft. down at the bottom of a Tanzanite is very interesting.

Tsavorite Mine

Talking with the miner at 300 ft. down. He was a real comedian!

Tsavorite Miners

Hangin' with the Tsavorite Miners in Tanzania


Two Tanzanian Tourmaline, preformed and ready for the final cut and polish

Peach Tourmaline

Gorgeous mix of Rough Tourmaline from Nigeria

Sapphire Mine

Visiting the Sapphire mine in northern Nigeria.

Bi-color Tourmaline

Spectacular Tourmaline from Northern Nigeria

Fun Mix of Gems

Stunning Zircon, Sapphire, Ruby and Tourmaline
Discover Amazing Grape Garnet
Rare Color-Change Sapphire Crystal (Sri Lanka)
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