Recently, I read about Nevada’s tourist industry being devastated.

This means the loss of jobs for many. For us outside Nevada, this means the JCK show is cancelled. This is happening across all industries in all places in our nation. So, where is all of this business going?

Right now, history is being made.

Do you want to be part of it or just read about it later?

Business has changed, possibly forever, it is rapidly going online: from online family gatherings and online education to online sales.

For instance, Las Vegas’ business hasn’t disappeared, it simply went online. I’ve seen reports that speak about the surge in online gambling. Naturally, there was also a huge uptick in demand for services like Gamstop, which blocks all gambling apps and sites.

In short, this pandemic has forced us to change our habits, and many of these new habits are here to stay. I predict, that to prosper in the coming years, we in the jewelry business, will need to participate in this historical shift.

There is one major way we are helping stores to address this.

We are perfecting the art of our Virtual Gem Parties, and they are succeeding!

Last week in just a few meetings we helped several stores sell over $25,000.00 in loose gemstones. You know what that means? Yes, by the time their custom projects are done, these events will have yielded over $50,000.00 in retail sales.

So, I invite you and all your customers to join me in a Virtual Private Event.

Plus, since I’ve chosen to feature fancy sapphire this week, below are five very fine, colored Sapphires for you to enjoy

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Color is everything when it comes to sapphire. 

Last week, I spoke about blue, the poster boy sapphire. While this incredible hue may be the most popular it is not the most valuable. That honor belongs to the Padparadscha Sapphire.

In Asian lore, this gem is a symbol of beauty, wisdom, and purity. The color of this gem is akin to the lotus flower.

Extremely rare and sought after by gem connoisseurs, this gem has recently skyrocketed in popularity. This is partially because of Princess Eugenie’s Padparascha engagement ring. Perhaps the other reason is its salmon color, which sits so closely to the Pantone color for 2019. This trend will continue now that this gem has been begun to receive the recognition it deserves.

People are delighted when they learn that sapphire has so many hues. Pink, purple, yellow, green, and even colorless sapphire all carry the brilliance that this gem is known for.

One of my absolute favorite sapphire colors is green. Reminiscent of dewy morning leaves, this gem has bright greens; the darker greens can glimmer like a tranquil forest. This color of sapphire is generally associated with luck or nature’s calmness and trust.

We’ll be talking about another green gem stone: emerald, next week. Yet, green sapphire can be a more affordable and durable option. Sapphires, sit at the 9 on the Mohs hardness scale making it highly suitable for everyday wear.

The Sapphire Rainbow, Conchita (right)

This piece has an incredible story.

It starts with the generosity of Robert Kane of Fine Gems International. He donated a large selection of Montana sapphire to the Smithsonian. After careful consideration, the curator’s at the Smithsonian decided they’d like for the sapphires to remain together in a single beautiful piece.

Finding the right jeweler for the task was a challenge for them. However, after contacting Paula Crevoshay, they knew she had what it takes to create a work of art truly worthy of the Smithsonian and our nations gem and mineral collection.

After sitting with this collection of fine sapphires, an idea came to Paula. She decided to pay homage to her late mother and her love of the monarch butterfly. Crevoshay has said, that she was raised to believe that the butterfly symbolized the Holy Spirit, resurrection, and creation itself.

The Conchita, named after her mother, is truly an awe inspiring display of the many colors of sapphire.


Photo by Harold and Erica Van Pelt
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Featured Sapphires:

This week I’m featuring five sapphires of different colors. I have selected pink, yellow, padparascha, colorless, and green. I chose these because of their incredible beauty and sparkle.

Scroll down. Have a look at what I’ve selected for you.

Pink Sapphire:

1.71ct, 7.7×5.9×4.6, Oval, Sku: 5804

This oval, hot pink sapphire, is the perfect center stone for a custom ring. The intensity of color makes it highly suited for either white or yellow gold. Take your pick, you won’t be disappointed.

Yellow Sapphire(s):

1.33ct, 7×5.9×4.1, Oval, Sku: 11539

This bright orangey yellow is a real show stopper! The high clarity and magnificent cut, make this gem a must have for any lover of color.

Padparadscha Sapphire:

1.67ct, 6.9×6.1×5, Oval, Sku: 15588

Extremely rare color and clarity. This Padparascha represents one of the finest of its variety.

Colorless Sapphire:

2.67ct, 8.1×5.6, Round, Sku: 10664

This almost colorless sapphire displays the slightest hint of steely blue, making it highly desirable for a white gold mounting.

Green Sapphire:

2.84ct, 8.1×5.3, Oval, Sku: 17730

This fine green sapphire, displays a deep, enchanting, forest green. Based on the way it is mounted, it would be perfect for either a woman’s or a mans ring.

If one of the above doesn’t quite fit, but strikes your imagination, then follow the link with and go on your own gem hunt through the online inventory.

Any questions, just email me back or call 858-679-7633.

Warmest Regards, 
David Artinian 
Artinian Gems Founder and CoOwner

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