Zircon is one of the most amazing and sparkling gems found in nature

Zircon – Decembers Birthstone

Zircon, Decembers birthstone is one of my favorites. One of the reasons for this is that it’s brilliant color, its extreme brilliance and its reasonable price, has been the delight of so many of my clients. It is the gem that really sparkles like few
Aquamarine from Nigeria
(continued from part 4) The next day yielded very little in gems, however I did go to a clinic for a malaria test. I was beginning to feel excessively fatigued. So while we waited for the results, we visited my friends new home construction site.
(Continued from part 3) After a couple of hours driving along a fairly smooth road, we arrived at the village. After a brief stop to look at a few parcels of Sapphire under the shade of a mango tree, we jumped on motor bikes to
(continued from part 2) Finally, after several more hours of driving along desolate roads, punctuated about every 2 miles by various military, police and other law enforcement checkpoints, we arrived in Jos and found a hotel. My room was a large upstairs space with a nice
(continued from part 1) After about 23 hours of travel including a plane change in France, I arrived in Nigeria and the gem hunt began. The first stop was Abuja, Nigerian’s, fairly new and vibrant, capital city. After clearing customs, an official stopped me at the exit. She grabbed my
Gem Hunting in Nigeria’s Northern Region (Part 1) Nigeria is a wonderful and little understood land, right in the heart of Africa. It’s home to some of the richest and most valuable deposits of gemstones in the world. Follow David Artinian of Artinian Gems, as he
Grape Garnet is a very rare gem.

Grape Garnet

We just purchased an amazing parcel of rough Grape Garnet from Mozambique and had the opportunity to cut it into gorgeous single gems as well as matched pairs. This rare variety of Rhodolite is an amazing gem. Watch the video to see how jewelers are