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The Rainbow Gem – Featuring Tourmaline

Fall has officially begun which brings crisp morning air, the reddening of leaves, and the month of tourmaline. Parallel to the wide range of fall colors, tourmaline itself has one of the widest ranges of color expression among all gems. Octobers birthstones include tourmaline and

Peridot From Mogok Myanmar One Of My Favorite Gems!

For lovers of the ‘apple green’ color, the most beautiful gem just might be peridot, from high in the mountains of north-central Burma. My last trip to Burma (Myanmar) took me to one of the most beautiful and remote areas of S.E. Asia. It is

Spinel, the Royal Jester’s Ruby – FEATURING SPINEL

You can’t talk about ruby without mentioning the incredible ruby-red colored Spinel.  Whether in the thick of the asian gem markets or at a dusty mining site I always keep an eye out for spinel. One incredible find happened in Sri Lanka while sifting through

The Story of Sleeping Ruby – FEATURING RUBY

July is here and so is the month of ruby. So to celebrate, I’ll be starting this week’s blog with an incredible ruby story from the mysterious land of Mogok in Myanmar. Many gems have incredible and ancient stories. So, I’m going to tell you


When sourcing gems for clients, fair trade is one of our chief concerns. And in no small part many customers concerns as well. Recently I’ve been doing a deep dive into the history and current climate of gemstone fair-trade. True guilt-free trade becomes more pervasive


Hi friends, this is Ben Artinian. This week I’d like to bring to your attention some exciting trends occurring, right now, in our industry. Simply put, many consumers, in jewelry and gemstones have shifted their purchasing habits. Specifically, we’ve seen a shift away from the

“It’s Emerald baby!” – FEATURING EMERALD

If you’re lucky, you’ll be enjoying the warmth of spring by now.  Welcome to May, and of course, welcome to the month of emerald. Emerald is known for its connection to renewal and rebirth. The rich greens of emerald are refreshing and soothing. So, let’s take


Recently, I read about Nevada’s tourist industry being devastated. This means the loss of jobs for many. For us outside Nevada, this means the JCK show is cancelled. This is happening across all industries in all places in our nation. So, where is all of

A Fascinating Story of Blue Sapphire

It’s David here. If you are like me, lock-down means that business as usual has come to halt. Yet, there are two sides to this coin. There’s the scary, uncertain side, fed by the endless news, and there is also another side. This other side

A Fine Sri Lankan Cushion Sapphire

Sapphire – An Ancient April Birthstone

Diamonds are for April, right? We all know this because our modern list of birthstones was originally formulated at the National Association of Jewelers, in Kansas City, in August of 1912. Apart from a few additions, our current list of birthstones has been the same

A Rare Rich Violet Blue Tanzanite

Tanzanite One Of Natures Most Rare Gemstones

Tanzanite, is found in just one place on earth, in northern Tanzania, not far from the watchful eye of Mt. Kilimanjaro. Tiffany & Co named this blue-violet variety of zoisite in honor of Tanzania, where it was first discovered in 1967. Because the crystals show

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