At the gemstone market in Chanthaburi Thailand

I have been working in this gem market for over 15 years. I love it here! Over the years I have seen it boom and bust and come back again. I know many of the sellers personally, their personal life stories, their children and the back story. I remember when the market was filled with Orange Sapphire that was heated with Beryllium; a gorgeous color, but no body knew how it was being treated to get that color. That treatment originated here. Then I saw the market suffer when the glass filled Rubies began to be sold. Again it was a new treatment that took very low commercial grade Mozambique Ruby and filled the cracks with molten leaded glass. The material looked good, in fact it was way too good to be true. Again this treatment was developed here. The problems surrounding this treatment caused more than a small ripple in the gem industry. Now, things seem to have stabilized and each week there seems to be new and interesting gems available for purchase. Beware though, this market is not for the novice or hobbyist.

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