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Agreement Terms and Conditions:

Artinian Gems Investment: 

Display - One stylish, two tier, adjustable and removable gemstone display platform with space for approximately 14 gemstones.
Gemstones – Each retailer will receive 14 unique gemstones from available inventory.
The price points are based on the selling potential and clientele of the store.
Tablet – The tablet is the window to the vault and it will be loaded with Artinian Gems quick start guide, easy access to our zoom studio link, a scheduling app as well as Artinian Gems website.
Support brochures – This brochure explains the program to the end user.

Live Sales Team – The retail store’s staff will have access to our sales team, M-F 8A-5P PST, live through the zoom portal. Artinian Gems staff will assist you in presenting and selling gemstones.
Cash Rewards - Artinian Gems will provide a 3% cash bonus for sales staff members who sell more than $500.00 wholesale in any given month. The cash bonus will be paid in the form of a gift card and will be paid the month after full payment is made.


    The initial agreement is for 12 months may be re-evaluated at the 6-month mark.

    Gems may be traded out every 6 months, however replacements for sold items will be provided as sales are made.

    Either party may terminate the agreement at any time with written notice.

    Gems sold are to be reported to Artinian Gems within 3 days of the sale and payment is due upon receipt of invoice.

    Items removed from the display for custom designed will be considered sold and billed out at the time of removal.

    Only Artinian Gems, that are part of the memo program are to be shown on the display.

    All gemstones are to be kept in a locked showcase during working hours and stored in a high security safe during non-working hours.

    The display is to be prominently displayed where finer merchandise is kept.

    In the case of early termination of the agreement, any remaining balance from the initial $1500.00 advance may be used as trade for merchandise only. No cash refund on initial down payment.

    Gems that are lost, stolen or damaged in any way, will be billed out as a sale.

    Retailer is to keep full insurance for the wholesale value on all gemstones and in the event of a loss, agrees to reimburse Artinian Gems within 60 days of the loss.

    Retailer agrees to a minimum of either one private client showing per month or three private showings plus one virtual, group gem show per 6-month period.
    Prices on the boxes are priced at keystone. Wholesale cost is 50%.

    I understand that this application is subject to approval by Artinian Gems. There also may be a waiting period, based on availability. 

    Your Investment:

    $1500.00 initial deposit to be credited to initial gemstone purchases.

    Conduct a minimum of one virtual private showing per month, or 3 private showings and one group event during each 6-month period.

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